My story

Indicator Lock's 6th Anniversary!!!

All of a sudden, these very confident men with telephone at his ear practically flew by the line, pulled the door and closed it right in our faces. All this time the restroom was empty.

In this very moment, I knew that something should be done with those restroom doors.

I talked to my friend, he is an engineer-inventor and we came up with a very simple idea – to add the In-Use or Vacant indicator to the existing privacy lock.

No more unnecessary waiting and no more these embarrassing Ooops moment walking on somebody in the restroom.

You may think: there is nothing new in this idea. I already saw the indicators in Starbucks or the airplane lavatory. Here comes the best part: next time when at Starbucks, please, check the door. You would notice that they have two locks, one is an In-Use or Vacant indicator and another is the actual handle to open and close the door.

By combining both features, we save not only on hardware but on installation as well. Take into account that the standard doors are coming with only one hole.

We started manufacturing and selling about three years ago nevertheless, there are hundreds of restaurants, healthcare facilities, fitness centers, gas stations, schools, pools you name it, using our locks.

We have even a couple of big names, like Fire department of Atlanta or Planet gym of South and North Carolina and more.

Let me tell you, it feels so good to know that I make a difference. It feels so good to know that our locks help people to add privacy, safety and security to everyday life.

This is my story, about how from respected IT Project Manager, I became the PMP Certified Indicator Locks Manufacturer.