Why do I love my job

Hi, my name is Donald Flock!

 I’m a locksmith and, I think, that my job is one of the most fascinating in the world. And now I will tell you why I really think so.

It’s all about people, their beliefs, adventures and fate. Everyday while working I hear a lot of stories: funny, scary, sad, full of dramas. Some of them I hear accidentally, but sometimes I can swear, that people love speaking in public. Did you know how many people love to talk on the phone while using the restroom or even washing their hands? They see me,know that I’m there, but still talking about a lot and really loud. As if they perceive me as a part of the environment.

It’s also about news. No, really, I don’t even need to watch TV or read newspapers anymore. While installing locks I find out everything that happened during the day. Who won a championship in snooker? Where is the best beer in the City? What is the latest fashion for eyebrows? How much cost Jonny Depp his devorce? I know it all and even more every day.

But a few weeks ago the story happened, that really made me laugh to tears. I came to WC in one restaurant to change old locks to the new Indicator Locks. It was early morning and the restaurant was empty. I was working at ease and whistling away the theme from Hitchcock Psycho. The day before I watched the movie and this melody just stuck in my head.

I changed the locks on two doors and tried to open the third one, but it was stuck. I used my tools and slowly, with great accuracy opened the door. The next moment I saw young teenager with real horror in eyes, who lashes on me, screaming «Aaaaaaaahr» and trying to hit me with the document case.

Few mitutes later we were sitting at the table, drinking coffee and he told me his vision of situation. Early in the morning he went to drink coffee before job interview after sleepless night (he needed this job so much). Butwhenhecame into the cabin, he locked himself inside. He tried to open the door, but without any progress.

Tired and exhausted he leaned with his head to the door and fall asleep. And then woke up,  hearing the Psycho theme! He was scared to death and when I opened the door he just made the run for his life, trying to hit me.

We laughed at it the whole morning and now I have a friend, who always says «Hello» to me and buys me a coffee. By the way, he got that job! The adrenaline that was rushing in his blood made his mind clear and quick. That’s how small WC adventure made my day.

And you still wonder why I do love my job?