Where villains and heroes are born

Hi! I’m David from Topeka, Kansas. My parents don’t give me much of an allowance, and at 12 years old it’s really hard to find a job, but I still want to give my mom a Christmas present, so judges, choose my story for the giftcard!

My favorite thing to do is to draw my own comic strips. I’ve been practicing for quite a while, and I think I’m getting pretty good. I like it so much, it’s kind of an obsession, maybe. I spend most of my time imagining cool random scenarios with crazy evil villains and super cool heroes. School bullies are most of  my inspiration for the evil doers, and secretly I dream of saving the cutest girl in class, flying with her kissing my cheek in my arms.

Unfortunately, I have a really annoying older brother whose hobbies are watching TV and bothering me. He barely gives me any privacy and one time he actually stole one of my works in progress and read it aloud at the dinner table. I was so embarrassed I almost knocked everything off the table trying to get at him and my comic book. It wasn’t finished and I am the one who decides when and who I show it.

I couldn’t let this happen again, so I came up with a solution: I only work in the bathroom, with the Indicator Lock on “IN-USE”, and hide my works behind the sink. Since my mom said that when it’s IN-USE no one should even try to open the door, I get my peace and privacy to make my dreams reality someday.

Oh yea, I didn’t mention it yet. I want to someday have my comics read and published and maybe even see my characters come to life on the TV and movie screens. That’ll show my brother who’s the “loser”. He’ll probably apologize and ask to come hang out with me in my cool house, with all the movie stars that play in the movies I inspire. And I bet that super cute girl I can’t stop thinking about will think the comics I make are really funny and entertaining too. So yea, that indicator lock is pretty “key” to me ;-) .