What matters most?

While using restroom in the public places we can wear two hats: happy bathroom camper, or the one who is frantically searching for the vacant restroom. The later scenario shows how important is the occupancy indicator on the door.

Our company found a way to help people in both situations. It is our Privacy Indicator Locks. Although the lock talks for itself, we want shortly describe every part of company’s solution:

Privacy. It’s like a lifeline to remain sane in hectic environment of modern world, to have a long needed break and regain control over your life and thoughts and have fresh look at any situation. We desperately need privacy when we are scared, sad or even happy.

The lock with indicator on the restroom door of your favorite restaurant, bar, medical office or gym shows business owner’s respect for his clients. Knowing that nobody would disturb you behind the closed door gives you freedom to be yourself. Not to mention, that each kind of nature’s calling we prefer to do in intimate atmosphere.

Indicator. Such a small thing adds a huge comfort to everyday life. We are surrounded by all kinds of indicators crossing the street, waiting for elevator, standing in line in post office and DMV. Changing colors or blinking light shows us clearly either we should go or wait. There is nothing worst then uncertainty. It’s critically important to have the clear direction for our brains to feel save. And when our brains feel save, we feel the same.

Locks. Such a small pretty thing, that helps to solve a lot of problems. When you have lock, you have your own space. You feel as king of a queen of your own small universe. And only you decide – if someone can enter inside and share your kingdom with you.

We are on the mission to add privacy, safety and security to public restrooms. If you care about the comfort, privacy and security of your patrons we can handle it together. Especially now, when we have a great discount offer – 10% on Central Brooklyn Line Locks. + button buy.