Why do we need privacy

Privacy is very important for a person.

Everyone wants to be alone  from time to time.

And when a man finds such a place, those who know

should keep this information in secret

at least from a simple courtesy.

George Orwell

We at Indicator Lock are confident that such a place is far from a secret. In the modern, filled with hustle and bustle metropolis cities, there is one place where everyone can at least briefly retire in peace and quiet. This place is a restroom.


The need for privacy has become one of the based needs of modern life. And it may well be related to basic-along with eating and sleeping. If quality food helps maintain normal physical health, high-quality sleep and secure privacy –mental health support.


Such sweet solitude

Have you noticed how nice it is, just be yourself and sit alone for a few minutes? To know that it's not a loneliness, but sweet solitude. When music and party in full swing is booming just in five metres, and you can relax, disconnect from external noise and gather strength.


But why should we seek solitude in the midst of the fun? And why in such a strange place as a toilet? The answer is: because it has locks. Locks exactly play a very important role and give you plenty of opportunities:


  1. The preservation of personal space. This part is especially important for introverts who want to regain strength after an active communication with other people. The possibility at least five minutes to be sure that nobody bothers-priceless.


  1. The ability to lick wounds. After seeing your ex-boyfriend with his new passion or hearing a nasty remark behind, we instinctively look for a place where can give free rein to emotions and collect with thoughts. How many broken hearts have seen toilet cubicles! How many secrets they store! And, most importantly, will tell them to no one.


  1. Take a sober look at things. When friends, acquaintances and even strangers are discussing some topic, it is very difficult to remain yourself and see what really happens. And only in the privacy of the toilet cubicles your thoughts can be safely spread out on the shelves. There is the place, where we can separate our minds from foreign influence.


  1. Reduce turnovers. While the life of the most of us is daily race, little brake can be especially helpful. Some of these "coffee breaks" are conceived by nature itself. If you’ll try not think about anything even for a few minutes, while using the toilet, you will instantly feel like dropping a degree of mental stress.



  1. The ability to look at ourselves. Suddenly you forgot to fasten the skirt or your tights are torn, but others preferred to remain silent? Or one of your eyes is colored more than another? Is there a place more suitable for marafeta than toilet seats? No wonder, that WC held the proud title of «Ladies room» already for decades.


And yet brilliant ideas often come to us behind the closed door of the toilet. Do not believe? Check today!


And, most importantly, if you want to return to active leisure, simply turn the knob.


Sincerely yours, Indicator Lock