My Big Pub Adventure
door lock, indicator locks

Hi, my name is Bob.

I work as a bartender in the popular pub. We have full house every night! In this cool place I'm hearing non-stop rock-concerts and seing girls dancing on tables. They beat rhythm on their high heels and move their heads, shake the hair. Day by day I see this happy and little drunk carnival and feel really deep inside that I LOVE MY JOB!

There is also one funny ritual we do every day. We call it Rescue Toilet Mission. Every day one or two of our guests falls asleep in toilet cabin for some reason. The few times we didn’t notice that at all and afterward found hungry and angry men in the morning.

Then we began to check all the cabins before closing. And found one annoying fact – we couldn’t open the cabin from outside, because toilet doors were equipped with bolt like that.

And when a client has closed himself we had to remove the door from the hinges! So we found the way out! Instead of removing the door, we inhanced the roof of the cabinet with sliding planks. So we could just slide the roof off when needed and climb insíde. Then we would open the door, woke up the guest up and helped him to come out. Every single day!

I used to stay extra hours or two at work to perform this strange ritual. Find closed door – take the roof off – climb inside – open the door – wake us the guest – help him to come out.

I can’t describe how happy I was when we changed that bolts to @Indicator Locks. Now we can find the closed door in two seconds and open them in 5 seconds! Because every indicator lock has red large In-Use sign and can be opened FROM OUTSIDE! And that’s a real blessing for all bars and pubs like mine.

Now I come home in time and my girlfriend is really happy with that. Not to mention me.