I'm adult enough to have my privacy!

One week ago we recieved this heart melting letter from 12-years old Tomas. We think you should read it too.

"Dear Indicator Lock Company!

This weekend I was visiting my grandmother with my parents and sister. While having a dinner we were talking,laughing and sharing stories about what happened during this year… And grandma told about one boy, whose story she had read on your facebook page. The boy, who wanted to be an artist and drew the comics sitting in toilet behind the closed door.

In the very moment I heard this story I knew that I needed an Indicator Lock too! I would often make some funny videos for my future YouTube blog and was really irritated, when mom, dad or even my baby sister would come inside or knockedon the door interrupting my train of thoughts. I'm already 12, but no one think I'm adult enough to do something worthy :(

I can’t do my work in the restroom as this boy did, cause I intend my followers to see me on special background with rock-musicians’ posters I chose by myself. But in my restroom they will notice only shelves with body and facial creams, scrubs and shampoos chosen by my mom.

I’m really keen on idea to have this «in-use»/«vacant» thing on my room’s door. Just to inform all my relatives about my work in process. We need privacy not only in the restrooms, do we?

I broke my pig money box, but there was only $35 there. Is it enough for buying one little Indicator Lock for my room’s door? One little lock, please, for my big dream!"

Dear Tomas! Of course you should follow your dream! And we will do our best to help you. We accept you as an adult and respect your privacy. That’s why we sent you one on our locks. Keep visiting our page and soon you will learn about our new privacy tool, designed specifically for teenagers.