How my sister regained her Christmas mood

My little sister cried the whole day. Her classmates were talking about their Christmas wishes, and she did too. But after sharing her wish, she only got teasing and laughs. Maybe it did sound silly, but most of all she wanted to see the moment when Santa showed up from our chimney with her gifts. She never expected such a cruel reaction, though.

Kids made fun of her dream and answered there was no Santa Claus in reality. They told her, that all the presents are given by parents. Now, my little sister had two reasons to cry, one was that the fairytale she always believed in was cruelly ruined; and the second was that she would not get any real gifts because our father left us 3 years ago and our mother was working two jobs to only buy us food and clothes. Therefore, no real presents would be given in any case.

I really didn’t want her to lose her faith in miracles at her 8. That is why I spent a few hours convincing her that Santa always waiting until the children fell asleep, and obviously there were no single child who ever saw Santa during Christmas night. And kids did not want to hurt her, they just did not know any better. Lilly sniffed a few more times, but actually was listening.

I knew that all the presents we could get this year will be new pullovers or school bags, but there was A DREAM and purest child’s FAITH in stake! That day I told my sister, that even though nobody can see Santa on his mission, we can feel when he’s somewhere around, when some tiny things are red and green in the same time, because they are the colors of Christmas. I showed her all the decorations on shops and houses and emphasized their red and green parts.

I was so desperate to improve Lilly’s mood, that on the way home I took her to the little coffee shop for cocoa and marshmallows. While I was choosing a dessert for her, she went to the restroom but just after a minute rushed back to me, took my hand and pulled me to the cabin. She was totally happy showing me the lock on the toilet door that changed its colors from red to green and back – an Indicator Lock.

Lilly was so deeply convinced that it was because Santa was somewhere around, that she kept talking about it for the rest of our stay in this coffee place. The owner was touched and did not charge us for cocoa and desserts. He even gave us a cheesecake for our mother!

This little deed of kindness and colores of toilet door lock revived a little girl’s faith in Christmas miracles.