The life changing handshake story

Hello! My name is Nick. I’m from Poland and I will tell you how I’ve fulfilled my dream.

I always wanted to be an architect. I dreamed about high buildings and long bridges that I would build all over the world. But my father was determined to see me as a lawyer, to continue our family tradition. In his opinion, it was the only worthy profession after dentist.

Even more! He agreed to pay for my education only if it is a Law School! I was crushed but not brave enough to take a stand. So here I am leaving for Law School campus.

My fears to share a dorm with a pack of boring nerds were not true. My new friends were really cool and we often made the great pranks in class or in the dorm. We rubbed the blackboard with soap, so nothing could be written on it. Or put the big box without bottom filled with confetti and with funny stickers on the side on the locker. When someone took this box off the locker, he turned the locker room into one big party place.

Also we put a bunch of pine cones on somebodies bad or wrapped it with plastic, covered the walls in rooms with post-it notes or wrapping paper… We did a pack of crazy things and felt like really smart guys.

Although I liked my new life I didn’t like the jurisprudence at all. Reading these monster-sized books always made me sleepy. But I still managed to get the decent grades. Even though, I kept building bridges and skyscrapers in my dreams, the reality felt hopeless. It was no way I would get out of this lawyer carrier.

But there came really fantastic occasion, that I would only call the hand of God.  It changed everything in one moment.

One not so good morning I felt like a junk. My stomach was upset; I had a headache because of a sleepless night; I was facing one of the finals in 15 minutes.

The timing could not be worst, but my stomach had a mind of its own –I needed the toilet privacy right now. Immediately. I ran down the hall, broke into the men’s restroom, pulled the closest cabin door and saw MY TEACHER ON THE POT!

He reached out his hand, trying to catch the door handle, but I already opened the door really wide! I was confused so much, that automatically shacked his outstretched hand. This was the most epic handshake in my entire life.

I left the toilet as soon as I could and exploded with a laughter. Unfortunately for my father, I could never pass the exam to that professor. I barely could look at his eyes anymore. This small accident gave me a good reason to quit the Law School and become an architect. But since that time I always check (even twice) if the toilet door is closed. And choose the one with good lock, preferably with indicator lock.

My dream came true. Now I am an architect, working on my own projects. My father was mad at me for almost a year, but eventually accepted my choice. And my friends had never enough of the life changing handshake story.