How I used Indicator Lock smart

Hello! My name is Christi and I want to tell you how important it is to use all the options in proper way.

A few days ago, my friend Ana invited me to her birthday party. Her parents own a café and they closed it for one night especially for us. Ana loves travelling, but doesn’t like to spend money on hotels or hostels. Instead, she uses the couchsurfing site that allows her to stay for a night or couple of days by locals no matter which country she visits now. That’s why she has a lot of friends worldwide and some of them also came to visit her at her birthday party.

There were Austin from England, Pierre from France, Michael from Croatia and Hans from German, the one, who caused me a lot of troubles that night. Hans was a textbook German: tall, strong, blond, with blue eyes. Something like Dolph Lundgren at his best times. But, unfortunately, he was not one of the handsome guys…

The whole evening, Hans flattered with me, asked me to dance with him, go out with him and even marry him. The drunker he was, the more clinging he became. I really didn’t know what to do: other boys at the party seemed to be afraid of Hans. The only one, who tried to help me,had changed his mind after having a private talk with Hans

I couldn’t run, because I promised Luna to take her home when the party ends. I couldn’t call cops, because the party would be ruined. So I decided to hide. The best place was, of course, restroom. When I came inside I noticed Indicator Locks on all the doors and understood: if Hans sees «In-use» he would wait outside till I came out!

Then I recollected everything Hans did during the night and understood that he always does everything properly: drinks only cold beer, dances only if he knows the music well, read all the inscriptions and does like its written there. So I decided to take a risk and hide in the stall without locking up.

With sinking heart I sat still with my legs on toilet and listened to his steps. As I expected Hans tried to examine every stole. He knew I must be there, but when he saw «Vacant» on all toilet doors, he stopped without opening the doors. He left restroom fully confused and after fifteen minutes fell asleep on the table in the middle of the party.

When I came from my shelter I saw some of our friends trying to book Uber and took Luna home. Until now I’m afraid to think what could have happened if I won’t hide. And what would happen if it was not for Indicator Lock that gave me a possibility to cheat a little with «In-use» and «Vacant»signs.